Elden Ring: How to Seal a Tunnel to the End


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the Onyx Lord and the Divine Tower of West Altus which bears Ryckard's Great Rune can be found in Sealed Tunnel in Leyndell's Royal Capital of Elden Ring. In addition to the Stonesword Key and other weapon upgrading and construction components, this tunnel also contains the Stonesword. There are several ways you can achieve Sealed Tunnel in our Elden Ring tutorial.

Complete the Sealed Tunnel with the Elden Ring
Sealed Tunnel will be explained in detail on this page. Any additional information like Elden Ring items for sale drop will be included in the walk-through.

Finding a Sealed Tunnel: How to Do It
Southeast of the Outer Wall Phantom Tree, you'll find an entrance to the Sealed Tunnel. It's just a short distance away from the Outer Wall Phantom Tree, which is located to the east. It's a straight shot across the water to the tunnel's entrance from the bottom.

Take a stroll into the sealed tunnel.
In the Sealed Tunnel, you'll certainly discover that there is no visible passage forward, but this is merely a trick. To the west of the Summoning Pool and the fire fixture is a wall fragment that can be hit to uncover an Illusory Wall beyond which is the actual tunnel. To begin your experience, simply walk through the front door.

As you turn left, there's a miner to your right that you should deal with quickly before it gets out of hand. The Vulgar Militia will be waiting for you around the next corner, so take care of Elden Ring runes now and move along the left wall. After that, head back to the right and you'll uncover a treasure chest with the Smithing-Stone Miner's Bell Bearing. Grab a few Cracked Crystals from this mineral patch before making your way back up the slope and around the curve on the right to locate a Golden Rune at the bottom of some stairs.

The main floor comes next. To avoid getting hit by the roving flamethrower-wielding miners, be sure to take out the enemy before dropping to the ground. Once you've done that, you'll see another miner guarding a glowing Smithing Stone [5] in a dark dead end. Take a little detour to the south, where you'll find three additional miners working on Cracked Crystal ore veins. Assuming they're still there after that, you can use them to break through another Illusory Wall and find a new way forward.

Keep your eyes peeled for a glowing Smithing Stone in the southern corner of the tunnel as you make your way to the lift at the end of the corridor. There is a tree root directly above it, which makes it more difficult to reach, however if you want another Smithing Stone, you can leap from the lift as many times as you need [5]. The Smithing Stone can be obtained by precisely timing your jumps onto the platforms that lead back to the lift's base. It's just beyond the tree roots that the path is obscured by another Illusory Wall.

To uncover yet another illusory wall, you must first remove the Illusory Wall in order to proceed down the next sloped path, where you will find a Golden Rune [5]. In this room, our first stop is the wooden balcony that runs along the southern wall of the cave. To get there, begin by balancing on the first branch, then drop down to the second, and finally land on the shaky wood below. One of the three Vulgar Militia foes may be found exactly where you drop down, while the other two can be found inside the passage. You'll find a Stonesword Key at the end of the hallway if you take care of them.

Next, climb up the wooden steps to the next wooden platform, where you'll come face to face with two more Vulgar Militia enemies and a Gold-Pickled Fowl Foot that can be found on the corpse that hangs below. If you like, you can continue on to the next doorway, although there are a few more things to see down there. Take care of yourself first, then drop down. The only Vulgar Militia soldier down here needs to be eliminated so you can face the Abductor alone.
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