There’s a saying that goes... ‘Those that haven’t seen Lahore haven’t lived.’ A person born and brought up here will fully understand this. The mix of historical and urban give this city, which is the capital of the Punjab province a whole different beat. Not to mention all the delicious places to eat! Lahore has attracted tourists from all over the world, but it does like so many other cities in the world face a problem. The rampant population growth is an ever-increasing worry. With limited resources, cities such as Lahore face a problem.

Governments are always working towards ensuring a better standard of living for its citizens. What then is Lahore Smart City? Our phones, TVS and even our homes are now smart. Lahore Smart City is a State-of-the-Art project that will provide its customers with high end facilities and amenities, all the while living in a secure and safe society. It is always wise to invest in property and this new project which has been approved by LDA will provide its customers and investors with the best of the best Lahore has to offer. The location of this smart city is at the heart of Lahore, with all and everything accessible.

Lahore Smart City provides its customers a peaceful environment with smart solutions. The quality of construction is top notch. Innovation and intelligent solutions to everyday living is our top priority and we provide customers with nothing but the best. Smart City Lahore is the product of the alliance between two leading developers in the field of real estate, Future Holdings Development and Habib Rafique Private Limited. These two giants of the real estate industry have made a huge name for themselves.

Surbana Jurong is also a cooperating partner of LSC, which is a Singaporean-based consulting firm. Surbana Jurong is a charismatic group of companies in Asia with professional urban development and a flourishing business unit. Location is of key importance when deciding where to reside with your family. This is why we have built this project in the heart and center of Lahore. Lahore Smart City plans to connect to Lahore Ring Road, Lahore bypass and GT Road. UET University is five minutes away and you can reach the heart of Lahore within a few minutes.

Who wouldn’t want to live in a glorious society, serene and peaceful and away from the chaotic hustle and bustle? When you do decide to take a trip outside of Lahore, keep in mind that the airport is just 18 minutes away! So is the very posh DHA. Are you an amateur investor? If yes, worry not! We are here to help. Investing with us will be as easy as if a professional were doing it. The developers have divided the area into various blocks, all keeping in mind the customer and providing the greatest value to him or her.

There is an Overseas Block which allows for only overseas folks to book these specific plots. However, to enjoy top of the line luxury and comfort, these clients must hold dual nationality. If you are a foreigner and don’t have Pakistani nationality, you are also eligible to get your plot booked in an overseas block of Lahore Smart City. The sizes of the plot allocated in this block range from 5 Marla to 1 Kanal. These are residential plots with extensive intelligent facilities.

As its name suggests the Executive Block is a high-end block especially introduced for investors who want premium luxury. LSC executive block has first-class facilities encompassing residential apartments, plots, play areas, mosques, commercial markets, and grocery stores. This is a little on the pricier side, but with all the amenities being provided, you surely wouldn’t mind paying that extra amount! The General Block consists of everything and maybe more for basic living.

What’s a Smart City without a health care project in place? The Health Block has everything you need for your health to be in check. A grand hospital is being put in place with 500 beds, lots of staff and health care workers. The Education Block comprises of schools and colleges. All in one, no? Lahore Smart City has sufficient land for farmhouses to be made on. Looking for an ideal place to relax in the holidays? Is a vacation abroad too expensive?

Why not create a vacation in your own city? Invest in Lahore Smart City and there is ample space for you and your family to build a farmhouse. Living in a big metropolitan city of Pakistan, you want the best of the best and this is what LSC offers you. A contemporary upbeat modern way of living! Be it lush green surroundings, metro bus systems, golf grounds, you name it! Everything is available. Investment in Lahore Smart City is easy! We have reasonable plans.

Remember, not only are you buying property, but you are investing in what is to be the future of Urbanization in the coming times. We wanted everything “smart”, well now let’s want a smart life. The Lahore Smart City payment plan can be looked up on our website. The Masters Real Estate is the pioneer of marketing and real estate in Pakistan. You can invest in Lahore Smart City by going through us. The Masters Real Estate will provide you with the best knowledge and information on how to invest in these projects of the future.

The Lahore Smart City plots can be purchased through authorized dealers such as The Masters Real Estate. If you want to invest in the future, why approach anyone but the best? That’s why we’re here to help you make the right decision! The Lahore Smart City contact number is also available on our official site. With the political instability in the country, you want stability in your hard-earned savings. Property is a good bet for sure because it’s value will always go up.

The Lahore Smart City is the future where citizen welfare, security, safety and prosperity will be at the forefront. When you buy property, you are not only buying it for yourself, but also for your future generations. If we can be smart about everything else, why not be smart about how we live our lives? Invest in The Lahore Smart City with the leading property and real estate providers and agency in Pakistan, The Masters Real Estate and build a better future for yourself.


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