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In a life full of stress and hectic schedules, there are many people who need support and need someone to listen to them, but everyone has their own life struggles and work hence they are not able to give time and listen to others' problems.

That is when Soul quest comes into the picture. We are helping people in their personal growth with the help of mentoring and coaching. We are offering a wide range of services you can take according to your requirement. In case you are unable to figure out which service is best for you, our professionals will help you in selecting the best one for you.

Soul Realignment​

Soul realignment is an intuitive healing modality that uses the wisdom which is contained within the Akashic records that are helpful in unlocking the soul level potential and clearing any negative karmic level patterns that used to be held at the soul level. This is all about living with true dignity in a very practical and real way. This will help you in creating the type of life you want to create and live in.

When you feel like your life is stuck on an endless loop where no matter what you try to do you end up making negative choices. You can also recognize these persistent patterns according to your creation but you must not be knowing how you can do this or how you are doing it. A soul realignment session will help you in revealing the truth about who are you at the soul level.

Akashic Records Healing​

An alleged record of all events, actions, and thoughts that have ever occurred or ever will, which is linked to akasha there is also known as the astral light. Akashic records healing is occult with the records of spiritual beings that can perceive by their astral bodies and astral senses. These spiritual beings are used to walk with you and are endowed with spiritual insight, untestable metaphysical assertions, prophecy, and tapping into the akasha to help and guide the mortals.

Akashic Mentoring​

Akashic mentoring is very helpful in removing the negativity from your body and soul. There are various Akashic mentors who are used to guide the people with the soul alignment and help you in the level of your soul. Working with Akashic mentors allows you to receive those answers directly from someone who understands all of the underlying questions within the questions and works with them in real-time.

Akashic Business Coaching​

This Akashic Business Coaching is based on life coaching or energy work, through the love of your presence or omniscience, teachers, masters, and highest self. Using clear questions about the day-to-day business will help in solving daily problems that used to arise between the employer and the employees.

Why should you choose us?​

We are helping millions of people in getting the right direction in their life with help of our wide range of services. We are helping our clients in boosting their confidence providing them clarity in life with the help of coaching and mentoring.

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