Air Filters Made in China


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All of Bager carbon air filters options will add a level of odor control and deliver the best air quality. They are designed to alleviate foul odors like garbage, musty mildew, pet odors and fumes caused by cooking or tobacco smoke. All are manufactured using a heavy duty, moisture resistant beverage board frame. There is a metal mesh support grid bonded to the pleats for extra support. The air filter media will not support the growth of mold or bacteria.
In addition, a part of Bager carbon air filter add Anti-Online technology that remove or kill micro-organism such as H1N1 virus.
Activated carbon special for Purify VOC, toluene
Material: Activated carbon
Effect: Efficiently remove benzene, toluene, xylene, TVOC, odor and other pollutants; effectively purify the air. It has been widely used due to its high efficiency of purification and long service time.
Modified activated purify formaldehyde
Material: Twice activated carbon + catalyst
Effect: Remove effectively formaldehyde and other harmful substances arising from indoor decoration. Besides removal via traditional adsorption, it also adds catalytic decomposition, which can truly remove formaldehyde and other pollutants effectively.
Coconut shell carbon
(Added high quality platinum catalyst)
High quality platinum catalyst
High quality formaldehyde removing catalystAir Filters Made in China